Is Diabetes recovery really possible?

Recovery is very much possible. Thousands of people all over the world have successfully reversed their diabetes, thyroid, hypertension and coronary disease. We have the testimonials of several people who have reversed their diseases here in India. Many of them have become so motivated that they have become a part of HHF as Lifestyle Advisors.

How long will it take?

How long reversal takes depends on the severity of the disease as well as how closely the recommendations are followed.  As with any lifestyle change, it takes time to get used to new habits and routines—typically around three weeks. This time period may also be sufficient to experience the benefits, which is a great motivator to stay committed. In order to prevent diabetes from recurring, it is necessary to continue with the new diet and lifestyle—we put in our best efforts to help you sustain your practice.

Is it expensive?

The main investment you have to make is one day of your time for counseling and basic Unique SMAART screening fees. After attending the same you will have all the required information to begin the programme to recover from your diabetes. In fact many people have implemented the suggestions given in the seminar and managed to reverse their diabetes on their own, keeping in touch with their doctor to ensure that the drugs are tapered off as indicated.

Some people feel the need for more personalised attention and they sign up for consultations with the doctors. This involves a personal case study, recommendations for a diet chart and follows up meetings with the Doctor to monitor the progress and fine-tune the programme. There are additional costs for personalised consultation. Consultation is totally optional and many people manage to reverse their diabetes without it. It is only a support system for people who would feel more comfortable embarking on this programme with closer monitoring.

Other expenses involve your medical tests, before, during and after the programme to measure your status and progress. But these are expenses that you would probably incur in any case. We also have a few nominally priced books with recipes and so on.

There are also the expenses of buying the healthier alternatives we suggest in our diet (e g. Brown rice, fibers and natural food supplements, neutraceticals and digestive enzymes), but these costs are usually more than offset by our recommendation to NOT consume several things that you are probably currently buying and spending money on.

And remember, the costs for the programme are far lower than the costs of lifelong treatment and management of diabetes, not to speak of the added health benefits.