Our Success Pillars – The Five Aspects

Over the last five years we have evolved an integrated, holistic approach to Diabetes Reversal and related disorders that focuses on deeper understanding and habit changes in a gradual step by step manner. Our Diabetes Reversal model is based on ‘Five Major Aspects’ that include:


  1. Basic detox includes Mind & Body Detox which helps for reducing acid/ inflammation, reducing sugars and swelling
  2. Advanced detox includes colon cleansing through enema, steam & Body Massage therapy
  3. Home detox includes Enema & Detox Kits with certain Herbal Medications


  1. The Basic diet is for reducing acid/ inflammation, reducing sugars and initiates the process of fat/weight loss.
  2. The Detox diets are to detoxify, repair, rehydrate and intensify fat loss.
  3. The Maintainace phase is to support the intensive exercise phase to build strength and stamina.
  4. The Permanent diet course is to maintain a healthy weight (fat vs muscle ratio) and diabetes recovery with ease.


DFF Exercise Protocol is in four phases with clear objectives for each phase.

  1. The Basic Lymphatic exercise phase is for activating all muscle fibers, reducing acid/ inflammation, reducing sugars and initiating the process of fat/weight loss.
  2. The Advanced Lymphatic exercise phase is to support the intensive diet phase to detoxify, repair and initiate muscle building.
  3. The Interval Training & Muscle Strength training phase is for complete transformation of the body through the right blend of strength, stamina and yoga based practices.
  4. The fourth Rebuilding phase is for maintaining a healthy weight (fat vs muscle ratio) with ease and developing oneself for specializing in any particular exercise modality of choice.


This aspects is aimed at three dimensions –

  1. Releasing negative energy and stress through laughter therapy, basic meditation & Pranic Healing
  2. Generating positive energy through Emotional Freedom & Gratitude whereby you will be able to see, hear and feel your goals being achieved
  3. Maintaining Positive energy through Deep Meditation, Zero Point Process Intensive, and Mind Modulation & Simulation.

These unique processes, homework assignments and meditations help you get out of your shell; reprogram your subconscious mind and channelize your energies towards achieving more joy, satisfaction and inner peace.


We recommend dietary & lifestyle changes that not only reverse the disease you are struggling with, but also get rid of other health problems improve your immune system and prevent several other diseases in the future. At times, these changes can seem difficult, but they can be soon internalized, made to be enjoyable, and positive effects keep you motivated forever. It is not necessary to make all the changes right away; you can start with as much as is possible for you to do, and keep improving as you progress. There are various options of the level of support that you can choose from.

Key Aspects:

  1. An explanation of the cause of your disease and how to reverse it.
  2. Guidance about how to reduce and stop medications as required.
  3. Custom dietary plan based on your eating habits, likes & dislikes.
  4. Special tips on how to cook, where to shop, how to do lab tests, etc.
  5. Extra tips on how to get more information from our website, whenever needed.
  6. Detailed answers to your own personal questions.
  7. Other tips based on your current health condition and requirements.

Special Points:

  • A unique combination of important tests
  • Regular analysis of Body Composition (Fat vs Muscle)
  • Proven supplement protocol for addressing vitamins, mineral and micronutrient deficiencies
  • Scientific drug dose adjustment at daily level through the FFD App