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Diabetes recovery DFF Residential Camp
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What is Diabetes?

For many people, diabetes is simply the ‘Increase in Blood Sugar Levels’, but Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni has a better answer to this. Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni says “Diabetes is the disease caused by insulin resistance”.

Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni and Diabetes Free Forever have helped diabetic patients minimize medication usage and address various lifestyle disorders such as PCOS, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and thyroid issues.

Diabetes Free Forever, led by Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni, empowers patients to effectively manage diabetes while promoting a healthy and fulfilling life.

Diabetes recovery DFF Residential Camp

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Thousands of Happy and Recovered Patients.

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Sangeeta Inamdar
Sangeeta Inamdar
सर्व प्रथम Dr Bhagyesh Kulkarni सर, गायत्री मॅडम आणि सर्व DFF टीमचे मी आभार मानते, सर तुम्ही आणि गायत्री मॅडम माझ्यासाठी एक देवदूत आहात. DFF जॉईन केल्यापासून प्रत्येक महिन्यात एक नवीन आणि आरोग्यपूर्ण जीवन कसं जगायचं हे नव्याने लक्षात येत आहे. आता मला पूर्ण विश्वास आहे की मी diebities मुक्त नक्की होणार.
Manisha Kulkarni
Manisha Kulkarni
Thank you dr bhagyesh kulkarni and DFF for helping me in my diabetes reversal journey...... I'm off my medications from past 4 months both my BP and sugar levels are under normal levels.
mrunali kulkarni
mrunali kulkarni
DFF is best for diabetes reversal...Dr Bhagyesh Kulkarni's all consultation sessions are very informative. Thank you DFF team with your guidance my diabetes reversal journey was so smooth....
prabhakar nale
prabhakar nale
Very good diabetes reversal program.All the information related lifestyle disorder and cure all this disorder. Best Doctor for this lifestyle disorders like Diabetes Thyroid obesity.
Dilip Keshav Sonawane
Dilip Keshav Sonawane
Please I beg to please read this in full.I came to know about Dr Bhagyesh Kulkarni's DDF through my dear better half Mrs Sunanda Sonawane.She got linked with Dr Bhagyesh on April 2023. She started attending,webinars of Dr Bhagyesh.Once or twice I too (out of curiosity) viewed Doctors webinars with Sunanda(I was previously referring jokingly as Doctors Sermons).After 3 months of following Dr Bhagyesh Kulkarni's protocal, (me & children actually noticed the amazing changes in her physical & mental state in her,) she was offered Residential Retreat .I went through it carefully and forced my wife to attend the same immediately.Luckly too got to attended as an attendee with her.I was overwhelmed by Dr Bhagyesh's mesmerising, great motivational,devine passion with witch he is implementing it .I sincerely am declaring with pride that Doctor is a great heavenly human sent by God for not only his Diabetic patients but also people like me to lead a DFF & healthy life.I thank Dr Bhagyesh from the bottom of my heart for transforming our lives. With great pride I assure that, I am going to Sincerely advocate to all my relatives,friends to please p PLEASE follow Dr Bhagyesh's DFF Protocal, if they wish to get lives transformed to leading a healthy life. God bless Dr Bhagyesh.
smita kolap
smita kolap
It was very delightful experience of 5 days residential camp. I really like & impressed with the agenda of this program like morning excercise,nature connect,how to connect with 5 elements. Lectures of Bhagyesh Sir & Guest are very fruitful. My approach toward life is totally changed after this program.I really impressed with the thoughts of Dr Bhagyesh Sir.We see towards doctor as a god.He proved the meaning of doctor in true manner...I would like to thanks & congratulate all DFF Team. You are doing fantastic job for the society..Wishing u all the sucess in ur work..keep it up..
Niteen Nawathe
Niteen Nawathe
I specifically appreciate the approach of diabetes reversal, which attacks the root cause instead of controlling BSL with medicines. The efforts for diabetes reversal is by changing the life style. In 5 days of residential camp this was taught very nicely and effectively by covering various aspects like change in food plan, connecting emotionally to 5 elements of nature, expressing gratitude/regrets, divine bank, various exercises, stress management etc. The lectures of previous participants who have successfully achieved their goal of diabetes reversal impressed me a lot. They all are role models for all those who are in this journey. I wish all the success to Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni sir in his Grand Mission.

Know more about

Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni

MBBS, PGDDM, DPC (Preventive Cardio–Diabetologist)

Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni is one of the leading  Diabetologists and Life-Style Disorders Management Experts in India. His revolutionary “Diabetes Free Forever” program, provides a One-Stop Solution for Lifestyle Disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid, Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Rheumatic Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, PCOD, and many more.

His treatment includes a complete Holistic Approach that focuses on Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being.

Diabetes recovery DFF Residential Camp
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Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni has been awarded as the “Professional Icon of Pune” by IBN Lokmat in 2017 and “Atulya Arogya Sanman” by Maharashtra Times in 2020.

Under the guidance of Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni, a team of Qualified Doctors and Trainers, provide the best-in-class treatment along with personal consultation for Diabetes Treatment.

Our Success Pillars

The Five Aspects

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Cleansing of Mind and Body

Detox typically implies following a specific diet or using herbal products to get rid of toxins from your body, promoting healthy weight management, a feel-good factor.

4 |

Eat Healthily, Live Longer

The basic diet of reducing acidic foods and foods containing sugars so that the process of weight loss is initiated. Good eating habit is the key to long healthy life.

3 |

Commit to be Physically Fit

The basic Lymphatic exercise phase is for activating all muscle fibers, reducing acid/inflammation, reducing sugar levels and promoting weight loss.

2 |

Love what you hold!

It is not stress that kills us, but... our reaction towards it. That is why we practice releasing stress through Laughter Therapy, Basic Meditation and Pranik Healing.

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Personalised Medical Attention

Our recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes can not only reverse your current lifestyle disorder but also address other related conditions you may be experiencing.

Diabetes Free Forever

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Our Mission​

To Educate, Inspire, and Support people suffering from lifestyle disorders and make them healthy to spread happiness in their lives.

Our Vision

To provide right education and scientific truth behind lifestyle disorders globally to help patients heal the correct way.

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