The Ultimate Reversal Program

Your way to a healthy and disorder free life is here!

The only program which you should join for total wellness. 

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DFF Diabetes Recovery Residential Camp

About the Program

What is the Ultimate Reversal Progam?

The DFF Ultimate reversal program is your golden door to a healthy and disorder-free lifestyle!

India is the second most affected nation in terms of diabetic patients. That means  1 in 6 diabetic patients in the world is from India.

People often misunderstand that you cannot recover from lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid, or Blood pressure. But we’re here to prove that wrong!

Yes, you heard us right!
Diabetes can be reversed! You can recover from lifestyle disorders!

Diabetes recovery DFF Residential Camp

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What will you learn in this?

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What exactly is the diabetes reversal, what are the 7 steps of reversal.
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What are the scientific truths of diabetes reversal and treatment?
No More Medicines Please!
The root causes of diseases and how the stoppage of external medications work?
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How to avoid or reverse complications (related to eyes, heart, kidney and nerves)?

Health checkup
How does the reversal of lifestyle diseases disroder works?
DFF Diabetes Recovery Residential Camp

Begin your journey to a happy and fulfilling life.

This session also educates you on how to implement the Diet and Exercise and begin your reversal process with a drop in your blood sugar within a few days!

By the end of this session, you will start looking at diabetes in a different light. This webinar will change your perception that diabetes is not life-long suffering and you can control and cure it.

100% Positive Results

Thousands of Happy and Recovered Patients.

वसंत शिवाजी कंक
वसंत शिवाजी कंक(DFF डिसेंबर 2020 बॅच
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पूर्वी गोळ्या खाऊन माझी शुगर नॉर्मल येत नव्हती परंतु DFF जॉईन झाल्यानंतर चार महिन्यांनी कोणतीही शुगरची गोळी न घेता माझी शुगर नॉर्मल यायला लागली. माझ्यामध्ये खूप बदल झाला आणि एक सकारात्मक ऊर्जा निर्माण झाली आहे.
Mrs. Neema Bhujad
Mrs. Neema BhujadDFF June 2021 batch
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My HbA1C was 12% when detected 2 years back. It was 6.5 to 7% with medicines. After joining DFF program, just in 1/2 month, my HbA1C is 5.8% with half tablet. Now I am without medicine & excited to see the same result. Thanks to DFF Team!
Lata Gudhe
Lata Gudhe(DFF February Batch)
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Diabetic for the last 10 years which is not in control but after joining the DFF program, my sugar is controlled within 2 months. Also, I lost weight by 10 Kgs. Now feeling fresh all time.
Preeti Kalan
Preeti Kalan@username
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I was told that diabetes can never be controlled but now I live a healthy lifestyle just because of DFF.
Kadambari Kapileshwar
Kadambari Kapileshwar@username
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My sugar levels and medications have decreased considerably! All thanks to DFF
Rajlaxmi Barve
Rajlaxmi Barve@username
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Online Home Based Recovery Program पूर्ण केल्यावर माझा कॉन्फिडन्स पूर्णपणे वाढला आहे. Now I will be able to manage my own health.
अनिल टोंगे
अनिल टोंगे( DFF August 2020 Batch)
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गेल्या ४ महिन्यापासून शुगर आणि ब्लड प्रेशरच्या माझ्या गोळ्या पूर्णपणे बंद आहेत. आणि प्रत्येक महिन्याचे ब्लड रिपोर्ट्स पण नॉर्मल आहेत. Thank you DFF!
जनार्दन तुकाराम चौधरी
जनार्दन तुकाराम चौधरी( DFF December 2020 Batch)
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मला पूर्वी मधुमेह होता परंतु मी आता मधुमेह मुक्त झालो आहे आणि याचा आनंद मी शब्दात सांगू शकत नाही
सुनिल गुरव (कोल्हापूर)
सुनिल गुरव (कोल्हापूर)बॅच - ऑक्टोबर २०२०
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कायमस्वरुपी डायबेटीस मुक्त… हो, हे खरंच शक्य आहे!
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