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The Five Aspects

Over the last five years, Diabetes Free Forever and Dr. Bhagyesh Kulkarni have developed a structured, holistic, and comprehensive approach to Diabetes Reversal. Also, they work on Lifestyle Related Disorders that focus on a more profound arrangement and habit changes in a progressive step-by-step manner. Our Diabetes Reversal Model is based on ‘Five Major Aspects’ that include:

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1. Detox:

  1. Basic detox includes Mind and Body detoxification which helps in reducing acid/inflammation as well as a reduction in blood sugar levels and swelling.
  2. Advanced Detox incorporates colon purifying through an enema, steam, and body massage therapy.
  3. Home Detox includes Enema and Detox Kits with certain Herbal (Ayurvedic) Medications, which have no side effects.
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2. Diet

  1. The basic diet is for diminishing acid/inflammation, decreasing blood sugar and initiate the process of fat/weight loss
  2. The detox diets are to detoxify, fix and rehydrate along with intensifying fat loss
  3. The maintenance stage is to support the intensive exercise phase to increase strength and endurance
  4. The permanent diet course is to maintain a healthy weight (Fat versus muscle ratio) and diabetes recovery effortlessly.
Exercise for diabetes recovery

3. Exercise:

DFF Exercise Protocol is in four phases with four easy goals for each phase.

  1. The Basic Lymphatic Exercise phase is for activating all muscle fibers, reducing acid/inflammation, reducing blood sugar and starting the process of fat/weight loss
  2. The Advanced Lymphatic Exercise phase is to support the strict diet phase to help in detoxification of the body and also to repair and initiate muscle building
  3. The Interval Training and Muscle Strength Training phase is for the full transformation of the body through the right mixture of strength, stamina, and yoga-based practices.
  4. The fourth Exercise phase is for maintaining a healthy weight (Fat versus Muscle Ratio) with ease and preparing oneself for practicing any exercise mode of choice.
Yoga & Meditation For Diabetes recovery

4. Stress Release:

This Pillar has three verticals to it:

  1. Releasing Negative Energy and Stress through Laughter Therapy, Basic Meditation, and Pranic Healing
  2. Generating Positive Energy through Emotional Freedom and Gratitude where you will be able to sense all your goals being achieved
  3. Maintaining Positive Energy through Deep Meditation, Zero Point Process Intensive, Mind Modulation and Stimulation
These unique processes, meditation, and homework help you get out of your comfort zone; reprogram your subconscious mind and channelize your energies towards achieving more satisfaction, happiness, and inner peace.
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5. Personal Medical Consultation:

We recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that not only reverse the disease you are fighting but also, help you get rid of other lifestyle-related health problems, boost your immune system and prevent several other diseases in the future. At times, these changes appear to be difficult, but with time they can be internalized, enjoyable and give you positive effects to keep you motivated forever. It is not necessary to make all the changes at once; you can start with as much as you can and slowly keep improving your progress.

Key Aspects

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Understanding the reasons of your disease and how to go ahead to reverse it

Group 4 |

Guidance about how to taper down your medications as required

Group 3 1 |

Custom Dietary Plan based on your eating habits, likes and dislikes

Group 2 1 |

Special tips on how to cook, where to shop for the ingredients, how to do lab tests and so on

Group 6 |

Extra tips on how to get more information from our website, whenever necessary

Group 134 |

Guidance about how to taper down your medications as required

Group 1 1 |

Custom Dietary Plan based on your eating habits, likes and dislikes

lab tests

A unique combination of important lab tests.

your body aanalysis

Regular analysis of Fat v/s Muscle Body Composition

Proven supplement protocol

Proven supplement protocol for addressing vitamins, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies

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