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Our habit determines our life. Just like how your health is or will be depends on your eating habits. Constant junk food, drinks, hoteling, and parties may feel good if they happen once in a while but if they are part of our habits, we cannot expect good health. We have to consciously adopt some sattvic habits in life. A balanced diet is the key to good health. The great philosopher Satguru Shri Vamanrao Pai says that the body is actually the Lord and if a person serves the body in a good and excellent manner, i.e. if good habits are inculcated in it, then the life of a person will be happy, successful and prosperous by getting a favourable response from the Lord in the form of the body. On the contrary, if the body ignores them through bad habits, hatred or dirty addictions, the same body continues to torment the person as a devil, then the person may have to suffer the consequences through various diseases. So eating a balanced diet should be a part of our daily life.

Also, I often talk about eating a vegetarian diet and avoiding animal-based products, so you might be thinking that I’m against meat or that I’m a vegetarian myself. But no, I used to love fish and other non-vegetarian foods but for some period of time, for spiritual reasons, I decided to give them all up, but I started seeing positive results in terms of health. I have found it to have health benefits from a medical point of view and also positive information about it in many studies, so I would definitely advise you to implement it in your life and experience the benefits.

Nothing in life comes easily, you have to work towards it from that point of view and persist until you achieve it. If you want to get rid of this lifestyle disease, you have to change your lifestyle. If you keep doing these things diabetes will go away but the important thing is that you need to practice them in life and get used to them. As I mentioned in a previous article about excess fat, the same is true for many other things related to our diet. Animal food from animal sources takes 22-26 hours to digest in our bodies. For me, this was a major contributing factor in changing my mindset. If it takes so long, why put so much strain on your body to work? It’s like deliberately putting your body on overtime duty. Don’t you think so too?

Certain things or following certain protocols will significantly reduce your sugar level, blood pressure, thyroid etc., but it takes at least two weeks. When you ignore that protocol and go back to your routine, a week is too long for your levels to return to normal. That is, it does not mean that you should never eat those things in your life and never enjoy them. After 100% recovery from these disorders, you can gradually start eating those things in smaller amounts. At DFF we will give you solutions to reintroduce animal-based products or even some of your favorite sweet foods into your life because I understand the mindset of people who love to eat those related foods.

Even carnivores in nature do not eat animals every day, they change their diet from time to time. You need to be properly guided on how and when to bring those foods back into your life, otherwise they will not have a positive impact on your health recovery efforts. Here I give an example so that you will understand exactly what I mean. If you have a sore throat and you go to the doctor, the doctor may ask you to stop eating frozen foods like ice cream for 5 days along with some medicine to help your sore throat go away. But you have a craving for ice cream, so you eat a little ice cream every day without control. Then you go back to the doctor and tell them your sore throat hasn’t improved. Then the doctor will quickly realize that you have eaten cold foods, they will increase your medication a bit and tell you not to eat cold foods again until your throat is better. When you get well, of course, you start eating ice cream, but you do it after some time, first in small quantities and at proper intervals, but in limited form. If you want to recover 100% health, you have to avoid these things 100% i.e. avoid eating those foods. And then once you are healed you can eat them with proper guidance.

Also as we talked about increasing nutrients earlier, we have to apply that to life as well. Nutrient deficiency is a major problem with insulin resistance in diabetes. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12 have been reported to be deficient in 95% of diabetics compared to non-diabetics. Along with that, zinc, chromium, folic acid, and vanadium are minerals that are deficient in diabetic patients. The first important reason is of course that the body of diabetic patients is acidic. And the problem with an acidic body is less absorption. Supplements and proper diet, even if done correctly, are not absorbed by our bodies. , if you have any deficiencies or deficiencies in your body such as vitamins, and minerals then you need to take supplements secondly, you are eating more cooked food than raw food. Thus, any food cooked above 46°C loses at least 80% of its nutrients. Therefore, proper nutrition is not available.

So, you have to implement some good things, and habits, along with a healthy lifestyle and then you will be able to achieve positive results from other health perspectives along with your diabetes reversal journey. I am sure of that.

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