Unintentional Mistakes & The Secret Of Getting Rid From Diabetes

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Many people believe that taking expensive medicines will keep their diabetes under control but in reality, this is not true. Again, people resort to expensive treatments and more medicines, but eventually, despair sets in. What do we think as humans if we have big problems, we have to solve big problems and we need big solutions but in reality, it is the opposite. If we just pay attention to the little things and avoid our unconscious mistakes, we can achieve diabetes freedom. But in reality it is the opposite. We can get rid of diabetes by paying attention to small things and correcting our unconscious mistakes. I would like to give an example. We unknowingly make such small mistakes that lead to our diabetes, if you are a person whose close family members are suffering from diabetes, then I am sure that someone in your family who is doing something regularly that thing increases their blood sugar. If your doctor told you to avoid fast food, would you eat it? No, right? But in real life, we go out for fast food. Similarly, we make many mistakes in our daily life which especially increase diabetes.

One of my first patients was Mrs. Chitra. Let’s consider this as her journey to get rid of diabetes. Mrs Chitra had an extensive list of problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, weight gain and poor night’s sleep. When Mrs Chitra met me, she was suffering from diabetes and related problems for the past 20 years. She had to take heavy medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol and used to take 80 units of insulin daily. It was 40 units in the morning and 40 units in the evening and all the high doses were 12 tablets. Despite all these medicines, her sugar level was around 300 and her average sugar was around 10, which ideally should be around 6 to 5.5. Her body was completely swollen so she was on the verge of depression.

When she first met me, she could not climb the stairs of my hospital. At that time the lift was also closed so his family brought him to me. When we talked to him, she told me that she is an English teacher, but now she lives with this illness. As far as their diet was concerned, it was clear to me that they were actually eating healthy and good food. She used to have porridge for breakfast, chapati with salad for lunch and once a week a non-vegetarian meal. An hour’s walk was included along with other exercises, but, due to the high dose of medicine, her entire healthy diet for the day was ruined as she craved heavy meals at night. She wanted to eat a lot at night, especially sweet food, and her medication and restrictions made everything so difficult for her that she was tired of it.
Chitra was tired and sleepy when she came to me. The family members were telling me that she is always irritable. After understanding and analyzing all their reports, I explained to them that they were trying to do ‘symptomatic management’. All the diseases and disorders she had been suffering from for years her medicine was trying to suppress. Why? She was not trying to find out why.

The first main aim of our treatment was to control her appetite. The main reason for this was their excessive desire to eat in the night. Along with this, she also had the problem of ‘insulin resistance’. When glucose doesn’t get to the parts of your body that need it, your body doesn’t get the glucose it needs. And because of this, even following a proper and healthy diet does not get results. Our treatment started with counselling and protocols.’ We started reducing their inflammation by controlling their appetite. We also reduced her medication and also changed her diet as needed and introduced some healthy options. She was very dedicated to our plan and protocol. In ‘Diabetes Free Forever’ we start with a target card. To motivate the patient ask them to keep the target card in front of them every day for 6 months. Then we support them in spirituality and philosophy so that the mind of diabetic patients stays healthy like their body. We care about the health of our patients because we constantly explain to our patients how important and beneficial it is to treat and recover from diabetes. Now you may not believe what I am going to tell you, within just 30 days of starting the journey of Mrs Chitra with ‘Diabetes Free Forever’, all her sweet cravings were gone. In only 90 days we were able to reduce her swelling completely. And after 3 months her insulin was stopped. After 6 months, after 12 pills, she now takes only 2 pills per day. Now Mrs. Chitra is in a very happy situation because all her parameters are normal. She doesn’t need insulin and takes half a tablet a day, now her sugar is normal. But her 20 years of suffering from diabetes turned into ‘diabetes free forever’ in 6-8 months. What does it mean?

The story of all diabetic patients is like that of Mrs. Chitra. The gap we made here was only to treat the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, many common treatments fail because the root cause is ignored. What do we think as human beings, that if there are big problems, then we need big solutions for big problems. Many people feel that if they have 2-3 major disorders, they are bound to take 10-12 medications for them. But in reality, it is the opposite. You just have to pay attention to the little things, like making small changes in your daily life and what you cook in the kitchen, and there are other ways to solve even bigger problems.

The main thing is that Mrs.Chitra got better. She was very dedicated to our plan and protocol and believed that she deserved to be free of her problems and drugs and that was the only reason she was able to do so. Having the right mindset, and having a comprehensive and structured plan is very important to cure diabetes. Also, the help and positive support of your family is very important, but you are the main driver of your health improvement journey. This thing must be remembered.

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